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  • Internet Fiber connection 100mega.

     Internet Fiber connection 50mega. All the accommodation facilities have fiber internet connection with the speed 50 mega

  • Save your money when talking about us!!!

    A lot of companies have to  spend more than 10% for the publicity. We trust you and give you the possibility to save money for your stay, transport and lunches. What are you waiting for? Just talk with your friends about your stay at us .

  • Football match of Lazio

    With our help you can get tickets and participate in the football match of Lazio.  You can make a nice surprise to your partner taking him to assist at a real football match.

  • Air tickets-where to buy them !!

    If you have problems to find the right offer for you, we recommend you where to buy the ticket. On our website we put always special offers of the airlines. For more information contact us. We are always ready to help 

  • Service of puchasing Roma Pass

    On your request we buy Roma Pass and leave it in your room(you do not have to pay any additional fee). This card is very convenient because it enables you free entry in some monuments and museums and other discounts, 3-day ticket for all the means of transport is included in Roma Pass too.

  • Bed for your babies

    On your request we put a bed for your babies in your room. You should inform us before your arrival

  • Tango Argentino Evening:

    If during your stay in Rome you want to spend a nice evening in a tango club, we will give you tips and show you where it is possible to dance tango. We know numerous locals where you can spend nice evenings

  • Borrowing motorbikes and bikes

    We have a convention for borrowing bikes and motorbikes. In Rome it is possible to ride on bikes or motorbikes in many places( the best seasons for it are spring and autumn). By bike you can reach many parks, one of the largest is Appia Antica Park.

  • Borrowing the umbrella

     If you forgot your umbrella, you can use ours which you will find in every apartment

  • Borrowing the iron

    On your request, we will borrow you an iron for free

  • Service of buying the tickets for the means of transport

     To save your time, we offer you the possibility to buy tickets for the means of transport: Ticket 100 minutes- €1,50; 1-day ticket- €7,00;  3-days ticket-€18,00; 7-day ticket- €24. 

  • Service of caring of dogs and cats

    In case you want to travel and take your animals with you, you have to know that in Rome there are many monuments and public places where dogs and cats are not allowed to enter.The dogs must have a lead and muzzle, otherwise you can get fined. If you want to get more information, contact us. In some of our structures it is possible to accommodate with small dogs or cats.

  • Riding Bicycle in Parco Appia

    Riding Bicycle in Parco Appia-we organize tour by bikes in the large park of Appia Antica, Parco della Carafella or Castelgandolfo lake, in the surroundings of Rome or in the centre of Rome, discount prices for those who want to visit Rome by bike

  • Translation service
    • We offer translation of documents and texts in many languages. If needed, contact us.
  • Special offert

    Welcome bottle of wine for free for all our clients!!

  • Canoeing on the Castel Gandolfo Lake

    For the lovers of canoeing it is possible to practise this sport on the lake Castel Gandolfo directly in the nature. The lake is situated only 25km from Rome.

  • Reservation of the tickets for the audience of the pope

    Every Wednesday, when Pope is in Rome, Paolo VI. receives the pilgrims who want to take part in the audience. We make the reservation for you and after your arrival you willl get the confirmation of the reservation which allows you to withdraw the tickets on the day of the audience between 8 and 10AM


  • Riding on a horse

    If you are appassionate for horseriding, ask us and we will make you spend several hours riding on the beaches of Ostia or in Appia Antica Park

  • Football match of AS Rome

    It is very impressing to see the football match of AS Rome, even more if you manage to make a surprise for your partner. With our help you can get tickets for a very low price

  • Marvellous- do you want to make a surprise for your wife or partner!!

    If you want to make a nice surprise for your wife or partner, we will leave a bunch of flowers for her in your room. If interested, you have to inform us before your arrival


  • Bottle of water 1,5 l for free

    In your room you will find a bottle of water of 1,5 l. Hope you will appreciate it after a long journey.

  • Keys of the apartment on your arrival

    We give you keys immediately after check-in to make you totally independent during your stay. Please leave them in the room last day.

  • ) Free maps of Rome

    We give a free map of Rome to all our clients. There you can find touristic routes and underground lines

  • Service of final cleaning included in price

    On the day of your departure, the cleaning is included in the price, you do not have to pay any supplementary fee

  • Linen and shower towels

    All our rooms are furnished with linen and shower towels, so you do not have to take them with you from your homes.

  • Luggage deposit on the day of your departure

    On the day of your departure all our clients can leave their luggage in our office or in the apartment for free

  • ) Breakfast service in the room

    On the request of our clients, we can organize breakfast in the room, either italian or continental 

  • ) Desserts for events

    On your request, we organize preparation of a cake to celebrate your special events, anniversaries or birthdays 

  • Possibility of putting precious objects in a safe

    The apartments are furnished with a safe with password and keys to deposit precious objects during your stay in Rome

  • Availibility of soap/shower gel

    Our accommodation facilities are furnished with shower products of a high quality. They are to be found in every bathroom

  • Availibility of tea and electric water kettle

    Inside the apartment you will find several types of tea, traditional or fruit tea. Ideal for the moments of relax.

  • Traditional coffeemaker –Italian moka

    The lovers of coffee will find it in the kitchen, you can taste this excellent coffee whenever you want

  • Information about our service

    Some of our service may not be available during the year, or paid.

  • Non smoking rooms

    In our apartments there are non-smoking rooms. Smokers can smoke their cigarette in the courtyard or in the street.

  • The apartments are situated in buildings with a lift.

      So you don´t have to go upstairs on foot but use lift which works 24hours a day.

  • Availability of first aid box

     Inside every apartment there is a first aid box that should be used in case of neccesity 

  • Fire extinguisher

    In every apartment fire extinguisher is to be found. It has to be used in case of emergency, fire or electric short circuit. We ask you to have a look where it is situated.

  • How to make permits for tourist buses

    We arrange the issuing of permits online for the tourist buses to go into the centre. If interested, let us know

  • Availability of hairdryer

    In our apartments you will find a hairdryer, so you do not have to bring it with you


  • Rome touristic tours

    We organize touristic tours to visit the most important Roman sights but explore also places that are less known

  • Cultural touristic information centre

    Casa Simpatia has the availability of a hall in the centre of Rome that can be used not only by our clients but also other tourists and serves as a place where persons can meet each other and take use of our numerous service

  • Emergency exit signs

    In every apartment there are indicated emergency exits how to leave the apartment. Please pay attention to these indications and follow them in case of necessity